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The beautiful Amare Yacht Concept by Dawid Dawod

By Adrian Prisca


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Elegance and speed aren’t often seen together on water, but this stunning yacht concept designed by by Dawid Dawod seems to provide them both. Along with intricate design and some sort of James Bond appearance, the Amare sports polished steering wheel, knobs, handles, as well as an entire suite of typical masculine trims and accents.

To prove the statement we started with, the vehicle is propelled by a 350 HP water-jet engine. Overall, the boat encompasses a high amount of state of the art technology, like the rigid inflatable boat (RIB) tech for a rather aggressive and sleek look. The yacht was made for normal human beings, with necessities, thus it also includes a kitchen on the outer deck, a deck specially designed for sunbathing, sofas for lounging, while the bad weather has also been foreseen, through canvas tops.

In addition to these, rails go along all the length of the boat, working as holders for the canvas top, or as handles for those in need of a grip. The vessel represents quite an engineering challenge, being extremely hard to combine the trifles of the extremely demanding customers with the speed need by those addicted to adventure and adrenaline.


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