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Bulgari and Maserati design the ‘Bulgari Octo Maserati’ watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Two Italian landmarks in automotive industry and fashion, Maserati and Bulgari, joined their forces and created the Bulgari Octo Maserati watch. The respective “offspring” is quintessential to every aficionado, sporting a staggering design and state of the art mechanics.

The 45 millimeter dial of the watch very much resembles Maserati’s styles, displayed in a case made of polished steel. The outer rim is full of markings that express one single aspect: speed! The dial itself sports a number of blue and white sub-dials, all positioned in a very complicate pattern and styled just as Maserati cars’ front grills.

These mini-dials actively display date (below the 12 o’clock position), 10-minute intervals right above the last one, 30-minute intervals, seconds and hours, in the forms of different counters. Keeping the watch in function and ensuring the well-coordination between its different dials is an automatic mechanical movement.

Some sporty nature has been added to the buckling and side crowns, in the form of a more rugged steel polish. Influences from the Maserati cars’ tires can be noticed on the strapping, boasting similar marks as these, elegantly shaded in black.

This could be quite an inclusion in enthusiasts’ collections, encompassing so many radical styles, like elegance, sportiness and a bit of opulence. If speed is what you want, a rather “speedy” timepiece would enthusiastically serve you.


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