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The Chicago Skyline Would Look Incredible from an Airborne Cable Car

By Victor Baker


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Chicago Skyline

Tourists visiting the US, particularly those planning to take a trip to the exciting city that is Chicago, might be in for a rare treat in the near future. If authorities give their consent, the ‘Chicago Skyline’ aerial cable cars will soon link some of the most famous architectural wonders of the city, providing passengers with picture-perfect views and unique memories.

The plans for Chicago’s Airborne cable cars were penned down by Davis Brody Bon and Marks Barfield Architects – the same team behind the stunning London Eye – and they look absolutely spectacular, judging from these photos alone.

Chicago Skyline

These spectacular aerial pods will float 17 stories above ground level, taking passengers from the Chicago Riverfront to the Navy Pier, going through downtown along the Riverwalk. Each of the pods will be able to accommodate 3,000 people per hour, while traveling at speeds of 800 feet per minute, which means you’ll make a complete tour in 30 minutes.

The project, which is estimated to cost around $250 million, would have stations positioned near the Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue. Rates would come close to $20 per journey, which is not much considering the beautiful memories that money provides. Are you interested?

Chicago Skyline


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