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The Bugatti Chiron’s Configurator Offers New Colors

By Victor Baker


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Bugatti Chiron

After its long-awaited debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the mesmerizing Bugatti Chiron has also showed up on Bugatti’s official website, with a special configurator where Chiron’s traditional blue livery is also accompanied by various other color combinations.

The mini website allows fans and the few lucky customers of this beauty to play around with the supercar’s outrageous looks. With eight color schemes to choose from, future Bugatti Chiron owners can show off their personal style with this incredible machine, without any other personalization options included.

Bugatti Chiron

Both sections of the car can be colored in shades ranging from red, to blue and black, and they can also be left alone, to reveal the supercar’s seducing carbon fiber bodywork. You should know that the wheels and brake calipers keep in line with the overall color scheme, regardless of the owner’s choice, while the cabin comes in black, tan, beige and brown finishes.

Sure, the proper amount of money should motivate Bugatti to allow further customization of the interior of this beauty as well. Please remember that the Chiron will be manufactured in a limited run of 500 units, with the price-tag way too high to be mentioned. $2.61 million to be more exact!

Bugatti Chiron

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