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The Cohiba 50 Aniversario Humidor Cabinet Goes Up In Smoke

By Victor Baker


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Cohiba 50 Aniversario

That might be a bit of an exaggeration, meant to get your attention to some of the world’s most exclusive cigars. Cohiba, the most distinguished and exclusive cigar brand of Habanos, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and the company found a marvelous way to celebrate.

Aside from 1,200 guests and a unique anniversary show put on by composer Chucho Valdes, Spanish flamenco singer Estrella Morente and the Uruguayan singer/songwriter Jorge Drexler, we should also mention the beautiful “Cohiba 50 Aniversario” humidor cabinet, which was unveiled just a couple of days ago.

Cohiba 50 Aniversario

What could easily be described as an authentic work of art, this bespoke collector’s item shows off true innovation, in terms of traditional craftsmanship and technical design. Lined with real Cuban tobacco leaves, plated with 24-carat gold leaf, and part of a limited series of just 50 units, the Cohiba 50 Aniversario humidor promises to be a highly desirable product.

Each of these exquisite humidors will be numbered and personalized with the owner’s name, while the 50 Habanos within should spoil its lucky owner in a fabulous way. The first of these anniversary humidors (01/50) has been auctioned off at the Habanos Festival’s traditional humidor auction for a cool 320.000 euros.

Were not sure how much the remaining 49 units of this exclusive special series will cost, but we’re sure that having Cohiba 50 Aniversario humidor in your home will be priceless.

Cohiba 50 Aniversario

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