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The Breathtaking W Bogota Fullfils All Your Wishes

By Victor Baker


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W Bogota

A trip to Colombia, especially to the country’s amazing capital city, Bogota, should be on anyone’s traveling plans, at least once in a lifetime. Bogota is a city of contrasts, with a hectic balance between the new and the old, and a unique atmosphere, culture and history, that offers a totally different experience to its visitors.

If you’ve already decided to go there, and you’d like to be in the center of it all, why not spoil yourself by staying at one of the most incredible hotels in town? Found in the heart of Bogota’s business district, W Bogota is absolutely stunning, a luxurious hotel which seems to complement its upscale surroundings, but it also stands out with a vibrant design and nothing but the best amenities.

W Bogota

If you’re in town with business, this high-end hotel is also extremely close to the Santa Barbara Business Center, and if you’d like to explore Bogota a little more, there are plenty of unique shops, lovely restaurants and entertainment options in the neighborhood, with all other major sights in town being just a few minutes away. The W staff is always willing to cater to your needs, while the hotel’s interiors are colorful and calming.

There are 168 sophisticated guest rooms ready to be enjoyed, all of them with a contemporary design and super comfortable, featuring high-tech amenities, W beds, and 24-hour concierge service. And if all of this still hasn’t convinced you of the obvious, take a closer look at the hotel’s impressive gym, the indoor pool,or the AWAY Spa, and we’re sure you’ll know W Bogota is the best answer in town. Enjoy!

W Bogota

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