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The BMW M6 GT3 Art Car Benefits From Chinese Influences

By Victor Baker


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BMW M6 GT3 Art Car

It’s easy to consider cars from BMW working pieces of art, but the Bavarian automaker has sometimes gone even further by enhancing the cultural credentials of its vehicles. Since 1967, famous artists from all over the world have been allowed to let their vivid imagination go wild on a particular Bimmer, and what resulted were the spectacular BMW Art cars.

The latest example has been unveiled just a few days ago, in the form of the 18th BMW Art Car. Imagined by Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei, this new project takes a different, digital direction, with three distinct elements that define this art piece: a ravishing BMW M6 GT3 racecar in original carbon black, a series of cool pics that can be explored via augmented reality and a video to make it all feel real.

BMW M6 GT3 Art Car

Cao Fei’s decision to take art and this stunning BMW M6 GT3 into augmented reality will surely make a lot of VR fans extremely happy, especially since its design focuses on the fast pace China has been evolving at. In the increasingly digitalized world, this way of doing things should not be considered different or stand out in any way.

The 18th BMW Art Car will be on display at the BMW Experience in Shanghai in the near future against a non-reflective black background, which comes to life with special effects available to those who will use the dedicated phone app. But this artsy sports car isn’t built just for show; it is also set to race in Macau at the FIA FT World Cup.

BMW M6 GT3 Art Car

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