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The Beoplay E8 Powder Pink Looks Like The Perfect Gift

Beoplay E8 Powder Pink

Boys, or men – as we like to call ourselves – have a tough time when it comes to finding the perfect gift for our significant other. It’s a well-known fact, although we do not enjoy admitting this to be true. The Beoplay E8 Powder Pink might be the answer to such dilemmas, with the high-end Danish company honoring the arrival of the Sakura season with these beauties and celebrating the centuries-old tradition of hanami – a long standing Japanese tradition of welcoming spring.

The gorgeous color of these premium wireless earbuds was inspired by blooms of the Yooshino cherry tree, with the anodized aluminium and leather details remaining in the background. Promising a seamless listening experience on the move and up to four hours of playback on one charge, the pink version of the device will most likely be to anyone’s liking.

Beoplay E8 Powder Pink

Priced at just $299, the Beoplay E8 Powder Pink Special Edition also comes with a premium leather charging case, finished in the same superb shade and promising two extra charges, plus five eartips and a charging cable – you’d better hurry up if you want to get your hands on one of your own, because these things will be sold in limited numbers worldwide.

The earphones come tuned by the acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers to provide that crisp and clear sound we all want, while the dedicated Beoplay App can be used to control the tonality and sound staging. All worries aside, this is a pretty great gift for everyone – not just for the ladies. Everybody wins!

Beoplay E8 Powder Pink


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