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The Azimut Grande 35 Metri Aims To Impress

By Victor Baker


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Azimut Grande 35 Metri

Azimut’s newest flagship, the graceful Azimut Grande 35 Metri has just made its official debut at the Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous event, at the Viareggio Marina in Italy, where it managed to impress everyone with its pioneering design.

This splendid yacht comes with two beach clubs, the largest balcony in its class and also the option of adding an extra level that serves as a second sundeck, which is not something you’d see too often. The designer who imagined this beauty is Stefano Righini, who made sure that every single inch of usable exterior space has its purpose.

For instance, the social possibilities of the bow areas have been put to the test at max, with a 323-square foot area converted into a multi layered terrace, extending from the saloon windshield all the way down to the forepeak. Passengers may enjoy here a dining table, several lounges and sunbeds, and a Jacuzzi in between. This might be the best place for a party, right?

Azimut Grande 35 Metri

But the 130 square feet stern beach club might be even better, offering immediate access to the water thanks to a transom swim platform which pivots down towards the sea. Beach clubs usually compete with tender garages for available space, but 35 Metri has its garage on the side of the hull, which means you get more space to relax under the sun’s warm rays.

Achille Salvagni decorated the interiors in the most beautiful way possible, using matte-textured woods against darker, polished species. Inserts in brass, bronze and stainless steel add a sense of elegance to the vessel and remind us a little bit of the 1980s.

But the magic continues on a technical level as well, one that people don’t usually pay attention to. Two 2,400 hp MTU engines enable the vessel to reach speeds of up to 25.5 knots and brag about a range of 1,500 miles, while the all-carbon fiber superstructure and inspiration from the aerospace industry lead to a low level of vibration and a quiet environment.

Azimut Grande 35 Metri

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