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The Aviatore Veloce Espresso Machine Is An Expression Of Love

By Victor Baker


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Aviatore Veloce Espresso Machine

We all love coffee, in various shapes, aromas and sizes; some of us probably being more addicted to it than others. A good cup of coffee is always welcomed in the morning and it could even help you change the way you see things, as you’re about to see right now.

Designer and engineer Paolo Mastrogiuseppe has spent nearly three years developing equipment that was inspired from Formula 1 and after drinking probably a ton of coffee in the process, he decided to come up with something totally different, in the form of one of the most beautiful espresso machines in the world.

Called the Aviatore Veloce, this amazing espresso machine was probably meant to take you on a long awaited trip or at least help you daydream about it. Designed to resemble a military jet engine, this incredible thing will prepare a refreshing dose of espresso and tea with the help of high-pressure brewing.

Aviatore Veloce Espresso Machine

Although it weighs in at 61 pounds and it will take up quite a lot of space, this user friendly machine will turn your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary with its beautiful, eye popping design.

Built by combining aviation-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel and aluminum bronze, the Aviatore Veloce Espresso machine will be available in a limited number, which should explain the fact that a price-tag has not been made public, just yet. The question stands: how much is your coffee experience worth?

Aviatore Veloce Espresso Machine


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