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The Automotive Icons Table has been Inspired by Supercars

If you love supercars and coffee, you’re in for a real treat today, that will make your morning routine ten times more interesting. A collection of 10 cool coffee tables has been recently unveiled by a company called Discommon, each of them featuring an innovative replica of an iconic supercar design, fused into its surface.

The Automotive Icons table was CNC-machined from a single block of aluminum, featuring stunning car shapes set into the upper surface of the table, as if they were coming out of the mold to haunt your dreams. Traditional coffee tables have long been forgotten, at least in this company’s opinion.

Discommon has come up with quite a unique concept, and the automobile-themed piece of furniture is set to honor the Ford GT and Ferrari F40 for starters. Potential clients will have a choice between a wide array of vehicles in the near future, but it is worth mentioning that each unit will require as many as 40 hours of CAD work before completion.

Feel free to speculate pricing for these beauties, as no official word has been heard yet, and let’s just hope that no cars will be inspired by tables any time soon. How high will you go for this UFO-like piece of furniture and, most importantly, why?



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