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The Art of Sleep by Neiman Marcus: a Luxury Collection for the Ultimate Sleeping Experience

By Vlad Craciun


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Dallas based premier luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has just unveiled a stylish collection of luxury mattresses that are just perfect for the ultimate sleeping experience, developed in collaboration with four luxury mattress brands, Aireloom, Royal-Pedic, Sferra and Shifman mattresses.

Called the Art of Sleep, this special collection includes several luxury mattresses, loungewear and sleepwear that acts to improve the quality of one’s sleep and an editorial with step by step actions to improve regeneration, hydration and unwinding.

The mattresses come with the latest and greatest in terms of design and technology, plus amazing craftsmanship. Aireloom’s mattresses are all handmade and patented with their cutting-edge Aireloom Lift technology. Included in the collection are the Pacific Palisades, Karpen and Preferred Collections mattresses. Sferra crafted the Mille Luxe mattresses for Neiman Marcus.

They’re made in the USA and come with 1,000 individually pocketed innerspring coils and layers of cotton, wool and talalay latex.

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Shifman, among the only producers still crafting two-sided mattresses for extended comfort life and durability, brought to the Art of Sleep collection an exclusive freedom mattresses and a box spring set. They’ve used their own Sanotuft technique, a sleek button-less tuft hand-sewn from top to bottom, and their eight-way, hand-tied box springs with coils that absorb the weight of the body and offer an amazing sleeping experience.

The last brand included in the collection, Royal-Pedic, has brought Dream Spring to the table. It’s a set of mattresses with several comfort levels ranging from Ultimate Plush to Ultimate Firm. The mattresses are handcrafted and come with their Dream Spring 3000-S, an innerspring system that offers the best of support.

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