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The all new Princess R35 is Every Millionaire’s Must Have

By Adrian Prisca


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Princess Yachts has recently taken the wraps off its new R Class, a range of high performance sports yachts designed together with the legendary Italian brand Pininfarina and the masters from BAR Technologies. The most impressive project is the all new Princess R35, a yacht that has already shaken up the boat industry with its breathtaking performances and stunning look.

This boat offers raw power and high speed thrills but it still comes with the same level of comfort, practicality and seakeeping you might expect from a Princess yacht. The R35 is equipped with an Active Foil System, specially developed by the guys from Princess together with BAR Technologies.

This system works together with the hull to improve stability, comfort and seakeeping, while reducing drag by up to 30%. What’s even more interesting is that port and starboard foils adjust independently of each other, with their positions being calculated 100 times per second by an on-board computer for optimal ride comfort and high speed cornering.

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The special Active Foil System won’t lift the hull above the waves, but it adapts the heel angle and the boat’s attitude to make sure it has the most effective contact area at the bow for extreme levels of grip, better handling and more stability at any speed. The future owners of this vessel will be able to choose between two control modes: Sport or Comfort, which adjust the attitude and responsiveness of the foils.

Powering up the all-new Princess R35 is a pair of direct injection V8 engines, with variable valve timing, that can take this boat to a cool top speed of 50 knots. The R35 is actually the fastest Princess yacht ever made and it sets a benchmark for the next generation of yachts from the British luxury motor boat maker.

The designers from Princess also used Computational Fluid Dynamics to tune this vessel. The windshield has been crafted from a sweep of curved glass and together with the deployable side wind deflectors it drives the airflow right above the cockpit, creating a neutral “bubble” for the passengers, protected from the wind or water.

Speaking of comfort, the R35 also boasts a small sun-pad where the passengers can relax and the sun’s warm rays before stepping down to the elegant swim platform.

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