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The Amazing Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero, Philippines

By Adrian Prisca


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We haven’t said much about Philippines, but we now felt it’s time to do it. Located in Quezon Province, Villa Escudero is a fine hacienda-style resort that features cozy rooms and a museum that boasts a large number of weird stuff.

The Waterfalls Restaurant is one really curious point of attraction, where one can enjoy a meal right beside a clear-water cascade. A short distance from the water jets, bamboo dining tables and grass-fringed buffet stations wait to pamper guests. Water is actually running over and under your feet, allowing for a deeply memorable experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

The resort shares incredible views from the bamboo decks that overlook Lake Labasin and the Philippine’s typical natural wilderness. Among the available get-away services we mention tours of the village by jeepney, checking on coconut harvesting on the resort’s plantation or paddling the clear waters of the lake on a traditional bamboo raft.


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