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The Amanoi resort lies in one of Vietnam’s most picturesque bays

Located in the dreamy village of Vinh Hu in Vietnam, the Amanoi resort blends perfectly the blissful Vietnamese beachside with luxury accommodations, overlooking the breathtaking Vinh Hy Bay. This area is one of Vietnam’s largest natural conservation sights, featuring incredible landscapes, with white sand beaches and blue water, as far as the eye can see.

The Amanoi promises to be an endlessly relaxing retreat, with 31 picturesque pavilions and 5 luxurious Aman villas, perched on top of a hill, that combine modern elegance with Vietnamese style and architecture. There are five categories of accommodations, each of them with gorgeous interiors that blend really well with the surrounding environment and offering unforgettable views of the Bay.

The luxury spa from the Amanoi resort is truly one of a kind in Vietnam and you could probably forget about anything else if you spend an entire day here. You could also spend time relaxing by the pools, walking or running around the beach and you could also wine and dine right under the lovely Vietnamese sky. The Amanoi resort will make you remember this place forever!


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