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The Alchemist’s Garden is Gucci’s Newest Perfume Collection

The Alchemist's Garden

Gucci has recently unveiled a new wonderful perfume collection called The Alchemist’s Garden, with lovely bottles that have the old style of the pharmacy jars found in antique apothecaries, adorned with gold lettering and unusual animal symbols. The collection contains four perfumed oils, seven eaux de parfum, a scented candle and three acque profumate.

There is one floral ingredient featured in each of the seven Eaux de Parfum – amber, iris, mimosa, rose, violed, woods and oud, and they are all stored in a decorative porcelain bottle with fanciful names and illustrations.

The perfumes are “A Song for the Rose” – with notes of rose, musk and wood, “The Voice of the Snake”, which brings leather, saffron and patchouli or “The Eyes of the Tiger”, with tonka, vanilla and ciste resin.

There’s also “The Virgin Violet”, that mesmerizes with notes of musk, violet and vanilla, “The Last Day of Summer”, which brings cedar woods and cypress scents, “Tears of Iris” and “Winter’s Spring”, spreading the pleasant odor of the mimosa flower with pepper and musk notes, reflecting the joy of the end of winter.

The Alchemist's Garden

The Acque Profumate bottles bring wonderful scents like the lavender of “Moonlight Serenade”, cypress notes from “A Winter Melody” and bois of “Fading Autumn”. The Perfumed Oils come in lacquered glass bottles with impressive decorations.

The applicator has a vintage touch to it through the glass pipette style. The oils have scents like the rose in “A Forgotten Rose”, violet in “The Violet Kiss”, oud in “Nocturnal Reverie” or the bois modern in “Ode on Melancholy”.

The scented candle which comes with the collection is entitled “The Virgin Violet”, a delicate blend of musk and iris petals, with violet extracts and a soft fragrance.

The Alchemist's Garden


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