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Nerea Yachts comes up with an Innovative Design for its NY24

By Vlad Craciun


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Nerea Yachts NY24

Nerea Yachts, an up and coming Italian yacht builder, aims to redefine day boats with their brand new NY24, a super cool boat that comes with a unique three-tiered stern area, with full access to the water and rear protection on rough seas.

When most day boats are designed with either a center-console with large outboard engines and small cabin or with the open transom area down to the water, the designers from Nerea Yachts have come up with an innovative design that makes quite a few nice promises.

The new NY24 brings smart design into play, but doesn’t forget about combining the sophistication with the traditional. Powered by a 300 hp Volvo Penta Duoprop, the 24 foot long yacht hits the top speed of 32 knots.

The boat comes with a stylish windshield which provides good protection for the cockpit, making it usable in northern waters, but at the same time, being low enough for those sunny days at sea. The cockpit can be fitted with a dinnete convertible to a sunbed and also a stove with sink and a refrigerator.

Nerea Yachts NY24

The helm area has been moved forward to maximize the cockpit space, but it allows enough space for a decent sized cabin in front as well. In addition, there are two sofas on either side of the walls, which can connect and transform in a large enough double bed.

The foredeck comes with planked teak and with a wedged-shaped window that shines some light on the interior. The exterior was built using a new water based eco-friendly material, Oltremareria, which is recyclable but as tough as other materials used in the industry.

There’s also an aft curved section that hasn’t been seen before in a boat of this size. And speaking of size, the interior makes it feel a lot larger than its actual 24 foot length.

The newly designed Nerea Yacht NY24 is a superb boat which will compete with other high end names and can easily serve as a superyacht tender as well.

Nerea Yachts NY24

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