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The 74 meter RV Pegaso superyacht

By Adrian Prisca


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Science is one of our passions, and when we first saw pictures of the RV Pegaso, we were genuinely stunned. Both a relaxing way of cruising and a state of the art RV – research vehicle in this case -, the RV Pegaso comes with a 14 ton submarine for deep see exploration.

Measuring 74 meters in length, the vessel is currently owned by a marine preservationist, experienced diver and nature lover that wishes his identity to stay undisclosed. Although it seems a bit to techy for a superyacht, it is in fact extremely luxurious, like all others.

It boasts with a total of 6 suites, furnishing signed by fabled designers, en-suite bathrooms, an 8 person spa pool, extensive observation lounge, gym, cinema, many flat screen TVs and a fully equipped bar. The former dining room has been superbly converted into a research facility, having been fitted with apparatus which monitor water pollution levels, and are capable of tagging endangered species.

As for the top notch 14 ton submarine, it can dive as deep as 170 meters and can carry up to 5 members of the scientific team to serious depths. In fact, what we have here is the only privately owned lockout sub in the world, capable of letting the divers to enter and leave it while underwater via a series of chambers.

The RV Pegaso is equipped with all sorts of technologies and every piece of gear one would need in order to dive safely and efficiently. It also comes with a special unit that produces top quality oxygen. In addition, it also boasts with a helipad, spa and cinema, for the researches to be able to relax during their study times. Able to accommodate a total of 12 guests, the spaces inside the RV Pegaso are more than lavish.


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