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The 7 Best Things to Do In Marbella

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“Far from the madding crowd” is a term used by poets and authors in a variety of contexts. It also applies perfectly to the pedigree of wealthy travellers that seek out holidays where they do not mix with the hoi polloi. The crowded streets, standing in queues or waiting for tables to be free are not for them. They look for privacy, luxury and services at prices that others cannot afford to pay.

The old city of Marbella is beautiful

The Mediterranean Riviera is still hot as a region, but the locales have changed. Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo have become passé. The ultra-rich now travel to Ibiza and Marbella for holidays.


Marbella is in southern Spain and belongs to the autonomous community of Andalusia. It lies on the Mediterranean coast with the Sierra Blanca hills forming a backdrop. Historically the habitation dates back to the Phoenicians of 7th century BCE. There is plenty of fast paced action on offer even if you want to live entirely in the present. It’s a very exclusive club. If your Instagram has pictures of you in Marbella, you will become the envy of all.

Check out some of the best things that one can do in Marbella.


Marbella Yachts

The marina at Marbella is ideal for anchorage of superyachts. Again, if your own yacht is not moored there, you can easily rent one. They are available for charter for one night parties or longer ocean cruises. You also get service providers that cater to guests at a high standard of comfort. The least expensive would cost about €100,000 per week. At the high end the superyachts are equipped with swimming pools and helipads.

In Marbella the yachting hot spot is Puerto Banus. More details are available here. Some of the best rental companies are given below.

  • Maia Fair Luxury Boat Charter
  • Nautica Marbella
  • Butterfly Yachting

Marbella Night Life

Marbella Night Life

The nightlife scene in Marbella is spread all over town with international DJs setting feet tapping. There are separate locales for the younger crowds where the action continues till dawn.

  • La Suite at the Puente Romano Hotel on the glamorous Golden Mile is one of the poshest places in the poshest area of Marbella known for its fine cuisine and all night dancing.
  • Puerto Banus has a few hot spots like La Sala and Babilonia. It also has a vibrant club scene with places like Tibu, Pangea, Mirage and Dreamers.
  • Puerto Deportivo boasts of El Faro and the Beacon if you like chilled out drinks.


Marbella Beaches

If you are not high on octane and want a relaxed holiday then there are plenty of beaches. For the best experience avoid the beaches in the city. They are likely to be more crowded. Drive 10 minutes to the east of Marbella to the Cabopino beach.

All along the sandy shores you will find beach bars, known as chiringuitos. You remain ensconced on your deck chair on the sand all day sipping drinks and delighting in typical Mediterranean cuisine.


casino marbella

The Monte Carlo Casino has become a tourist attraction, which is a pity. This is keeping the high rollers away. There are high class casinos in Marbella and Gibraltar (which is less than 60 km by road) where you bet alongside persons that do not count their wins or losses.

  • Casino Marbella (Marbella)
  • Gibraltar Casino (Gibraltar)
  • Casino Sunborn (Gibraltar)

Casino Marbella

This is the casino we recommend. It is not only in Marbella, but is located within the grounds of the Andalucía Plaza Hotel. You do not have to go far when you call it a night. The casino offers roulette and blackjack tables and slot machines as well. Poker players can enjoy cash games or participate in tournaments that are a regular feature. The restaurant is handy for a bite or a meal.

The Andalucía Plaza Hotel displays a fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. It has all facilities and is a short walk from the beach.


marbella supercars

Supercars are fast, sporty, sleek and pricey and this fits with the essence of Marbella. If you live somewhere in south-west Europe you can drive down in your own supercar. Otherwise there are plenty of rentals available.

  • Blue Sky Super Car
  • Magna Super Cars
  • Super Garage Marbella
  • Europe Luxury Cars

The Riviera coastal road is ideal for showing off your racing skills. But even cruising through the town will turn enough heads. So popular are supercars in Marbella that when in June 2019 the inaugural Yiannimize Grand Tour was organised, it flagged off from Marbella. The cavalcade included more than 100 Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porches, Aston Martins and Bentleys. Celebrities paid €14,000 to take part. Yianni Charaloumbus, the organiser of the event, plans to make it an annual affair.

Marbella for Children

Aventura Amazonia

Marbella is skewed towards entertainment for grown-ups, but there are a few places where children can have a blast. If they are old enough you can leave them on their own while you enjoy your own activities.

Funny Beach

This offers a go-karting track, trampolines, video games, electric bikes and cars, a pool, and children’s rides. As the name suggests, this is on the beach front. The restaurant serves kid-friendly fare.

Aventura Amazonia

You will need to travel 10 minutes east of Marbella to the Elviria area. Fly through the trees on the zip wires and complete the obstacle course. Conveniences like cafe bar and parking are available.

If you are ready to travel half an hour then many other children’s attractions open up.

  • The Fuengirola water park and the popular Bioparc Zoo
  • The Tivoli World Amusement Park in Benalmadena
  • Crocodile Park in Torremolinos
  • Selwo safari park in Estepona

Old Marbella

marbella old town

Marbella’s Old Town does not go back to the 7th century BCE, but is distinctly different from the rest of the city. Unless you are specifically looking for it, you may miss it altogether.

You must take time out from casinos and beaches, cars and yachts to visit the picturesque Old Town with its ancient architecture and maze of narrow cobbled streets. You will be surprised to find boutique shops, funky art galleries, bars and eateries. Spend some time relaxing at the Orange Square named after the orange trees.

How to get to Marbella

The closest airport is Malaga Costa Del Sol, which is connected to 60 cities worldwide. It is about 45 minutes from Marbella. The city is connected to others on the Spanish coast by the A7 motorway.

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