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The $32,000 BMC Lamborghini Impec

By Brian Pho


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To be honest, whenever we hear Lamborghini’s name we think of hypercars, all terrain vehicles and even tractors. But now, as their expertise is undergoing massive extension, Lamborghini specialists have extended the production of the BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec, a gorgeous 2-wheeler realised in collaboration with the Swiss manufacturer of bicycles BMC.

The bike is some sort of a match for the Aventador in the world of biking and was first unveiled in April 2012. Just 30 units were assembled for the respective year, but 2013 reportedly comes with 50 more, to also celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary.

Furthermore, BMC specialists are renowned for their unique framebuilding technique, but Lamborghini have had some contribution to it in the form of a special paint job, unique to the model. The bike has also received the same leather used in the car as well as some additional Italian made components. The price of a single Impec is a mind boggling €25,000 (or around $32,000 at current exchange rates).


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