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Gorgeous tableware collection by Versace

By Brian Pho


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We have recently come across a gorgeous series of tableware designed and manufactured by a brand that amazes us as much as the beauty of these. Versace is the name in cause and here it comes with all sorts of dinner services and tea and coffee sets. Women, you’re bound to spend the following couple of minutes with us.

There are 4 different collections that make up this staggering series of tableware. We’re going to start with the Medusa collection, which comprises a complete dining and coffee set, plus a plethora of accessories. This stunning collection is topped by a glamorous gold-colored Medusa head, alongside the emblem of Versace, flanked by superb baroque ornaments.

The medusa head is present on every piece of the collection – the dining service, breakfast plates, cups and pots. The head of the medusa, though, was artistically framed with artistry dyed in all sorts of aristocratic tones like precious gold, bright red, black and all sorts of additional designs and shapes. The dinner service, comprising 22 pieces in total, is available at $3,490 in blue or red.

The second collection, entitled Le Grand Divertissement collection, is a stunning reminder of the banquets and parties held by Louis XIV at his own court, especially the first grandiose ball that celebrated the Versailles as official residence of the royal family. This collection was garnished with a motif based on the Versace signature arabesque leaf design, in periwinkle blue upon a clear Rosenthal porcelain background. This incredibly refined design is further highlighted by stunning contrasts and precious golden accents. In the end, it “only” costs $3,525.

Now, the next one, the Barocco, is a 21-piece coffee set superbly painted in gold and black. The collection sports 6 tall coffee cups and saucers, a 1.2-liter coffee pot, covered sugar bowl, covered milk jug and 6 cake plates. This can ensure 6 people’s afternoon coffee and cake for a whopping $3,010.

The last but not the least, the Flower Fantasy, comprises, just like the Barocco, 21 pieces in total – a lidded sugar bowl, milk jug, 6 cups, 6 saucers, a teapot and 6 cake plates. Garnished with a gorgeous floral print, this particular set is mainly made for the mild gender. You can have it for $2,910.


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