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The $3,000 Penfolds g3 is a Very Exclusive Treat

By Victor Baker


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Penfolds g3

Australia’s most prestigious wine producer, Penfolds, has just unveiled a new exquisite creation – a multi-layered blend of three vintages from its top label, Grange, that was dubbed as the Penfolds g3. Priced at a stunning $3,000 per bottle, this unique blend might be seen as a bold move from the company, since it’s almost triple the price of an ‘ordinary’ Grange, for good reason.

The G3 basically combines Grange 2008, a wine that’s consired pretty bold, with the sophisticated and elegant Grange 2012 and the fresh Grange 2014 (that’s not even released yet) to create a one-of-a-kind Penfolds expression. These three vintages are blended and aged for a year in a barrel and then they go into the minimalist bottle before you.

Penfolds g3

Well known all over the world, the Grange series has now reached new levels of exclusivity, with only 1200 bottles of the Penfolds g3 being up for the grabs worldwide. This is a very special release and it represents a stunning Penfolds wine innovation intrinsically linked to the winemaking philosophy that impressed the world starting way back in 1951.

The G3 could be easily considered a genuine luxury item, and you are more than welcomed to put that statement to the test. Cook yourselves a delicious dinner, get into the atmosphere and finish everything with one of the most delicious wines. Isn’t that the perfect ending to a bad day? Maybe that’s just my day.

Penfolds g3

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