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Taurus is BUBEN&ZORWEG’s New and Shiny Luxury Safe Star

By Thom Esveld


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The 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milano has seen the launch of the brand new BUBEN&ZORWEG Taurus, a luxury safe like no other, with an exceptional design that’s fit for any luxurious interior and so many interesting details.

The German brand used the opportunity to present their new star in front of more than four hundred thousand people from over 160 countries, who were present at the renowned Milan Furniture Fair between 9 and 14 April this year.

BUBEN&ZORWEG managed to shine among some of the most recognized names in the furniture industry and consolidate their presence on the market.


That’s what the newest addition to their safe collection – the Taurus – managed to do as well. This high-end luxury safe features a stunning armoring material called Protect-Pro, that’s patented by BUBEN&ZORWEG. The material is a composite of resin and stone, combined together in a special mix that was used to craft the body of the safe.

The walls of the Taurus, with the Protect-Pro material inside them, can withstand even the most sophisticated attacks on it. The material also reduces the weight of the safe by 30%, a big feat when you compare it to other more conventional safes.


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