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Swarovski embedded gold iPad2 by Amosu Couture

By Adrian Prisca


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Though Christmas and the holidays have already passed, and gifts like gold-plated iPhones and iPads might have been already purchased and given, Amosu presents their 24-carat-coated iPad2 series.

Custom-made done up by Amosu, these iPads will offer the bling of the bling to their future owners, the 100%-silver logo also being trimmed with 360 Swarovski crystals. A good opportunity to but someone such a gift is the oncoming Valentine’s Day, plus, there’s still more time until then to think about it.

The price for such a gadget goes up to $4,300 for every Amosu iPad2, or around £2,800. Furthermore, the designers also thought of crafting and selling rose-gold versions of the device, with prices around $4,500 or £2,900. And, for even more bling, you may buy platinum-coated iPad2-s, for the price of $4,650 or £3,000.

We really think these would make for great gifts, if you own the loot the purchase any.


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