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Shangri-La’s Lovely Villingili Resort and Spa in Maldives

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Located on the Maldivian island Villingili, on the Addu Atoll, Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa is 70 minutes away from Malé and an 8-minute ride over the water from the Gan Airport on the Atoll. It’s one of the best resorts that one can find in the southern hemisphere and presents its customers with gorgeous views, extravagant style and exquisite services.

Considering the lifestyle and looks of the Shangri-La resort, we believe anyone would go through anything to get to spend just a few days at the blissful location. It’s a true paradise for its guests, being out of any pattern or unlike any other resorts, through its particular decorations and lifestyle.

The lush vegetation present on the island is surrounded by superb beaches and natural lagoons, while beautiful trails roam through the place. The accommodation is represented by villas, with private ocean retreats and, in addition, tree-house villas with breathtaking landscapes.

The services and activities at the resort are meant to satisfy the most squeamish of clientele: gorgeous turquoise waters invite guests to enjoyable swimming activities, diving and snorkeling, while greet by large numbers of species of exotic fish, turtles and rays. Furthermore, the hotel organizes cruises towards and around the equator.


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