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Superheroes Would Love to Drive The Ferrari F80 Concept

By Victor Baker


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F80 Concept

The jaw dropping supercar concept before you has been called Ferrari F80 and it represents the incredible vision of Italian designer Adriano Raeli. While studying transportation design in Pasadena, California, he envisioned the future of superheroes everywhere, and worked hard to design what all of them should be parking in their garage – or, maybe lair.

Raeli has created these captivating renderings that seem to sum up the variety and outrageous lines of every Italian supercar on the roads today. Is anyone else thinking Ferrari, Pininfarina and more? But the F80 concept has been also designed to honor futurism-movement artists like Umberto Boccioni.

F80 Concept

This vehicle’s carbon-fiber monocoque design leaves everyone thinking it’s running at hyperspeed pace even when it’s standing still. The huge air vents on the front grille and widely positioned headlamps add to an overwhelming dosage of awesomeness and a badass attitude, while the wide wheel arches seem to balance everything out.

At least in theory, the F80 concept would be packing a 1200-hp hybrid-drivetrain, mixing twin-turbo V8 power with a high performance kinetic energy recovery system. As such, this futuristic supercar is set to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 2.2 seconds and max out at 310 miles per hour (398.9 km/h).

Someone from Ferrari should call up Adriano Raeli and turn this vision of perfection into reality.

F80 Concept

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