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Style on Your Wrist: the Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux

Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux

Haute Couture seems to be one of those terms that define exclusivity and class; we all understand its meaning, although we always seem one step away from experiencing it to the fullest. And if you thought it was difficult before, wait until you get a glimpse of Dior’s new limited edition watches, called Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux.

The iconic French fashion house back to the basic instruments of any couturier for these watches, the needle and the thread, to create an exquisite pattern on the dial, complemented by a few precious diamonds, beautifully embedded onto the dial and case, that add to the level of exclusivity of these timepieces. Is there a 1970s vibe about these watches, or is it just me?

Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux

The Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux watches display different textures and an incredible level of craftsmanship, Featuring a 36 mm 18K pink gold case, with a bezel set with diamonds to highlight their exclusive nature, these watches stand out of any crowd with a magical mix of luxury and elegance. Speaking of which, the strap has been crafted from fabric and shows a subtle herringbone motive.

It seems to take you back in time, where anything was possible and unexpected combinations worked wonders. The Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux is powered by an automatic movement, which can be admired through the transparent case back, adding to the unstoppable desire of getting a glimpse of this incredible piece. If you can’t afford it, at least admiring it should be free.

Dior VIII Montaigne Tissage Precieux


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