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Maori Yacht 54 Will Take You on an Awesome Adventure

Maori Yacht 54

Designed to meet everything you might desire to hit the waves in style, the mesmerizing Maori Yacht 54 showcases the pure Italian styling, fine craftsmanship and modern-day goodies for which the Sardinia-based shipyard is well known. The creative team behind this wonderful vessel aims to remind us all of the joy of open water fun, with this superb concept featuring a cool open social area, that allows up to twelve people to sunbathe and chat all day long, enjoying miles after miles of clear blue waters and skies.

The deckhouse boasts a stunning convertible top, that’s almost like just ones you would normally see in a car, opening up to create a superb connection with the exterior, and in case you’re worried about rain, passengers won’t be left to the mercy of the elements, as an enclosed salon is there to make them feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Maori Yacht 54

Overnight accommodations might prove to be necessary when you’re cruising aboard this beauty, which is why the design team from Maori made sure the banquettes can convert into two beds, while the salon becomes a cabin as well. Thinking about comfort, the vessel also packs a cozy head and galley area, and the low transom provides easy access to the ocean for watersports activities and diving.

The Maori Yacht 54 could be your new favorite luxury toy – it’s fun, always ready to hit the waves, and never disappointing. Life could not be better!

Maori Yacht 54


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