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Stunning Space wedding rings from Spacewed

By Adrian Prisca


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Among other new designs and innovations in accessory business, this year’s Dubai International Jewelry Week has hosted the presentation of the latest space-class products. Spacewed revealed a pair of stylish space wedding rings at the end, that are going to be produced in a limited run of just 50 units.

Almost everyone has surely seen or come in contact with pens and watches that were plated, or contained precious and rare materials, like platinum, titanium, iridium or even moondust. All these are destined for luxurious markets, with the according class of clients.

These rings too have a pure link with space, given the fact that the gold they are made of comes from a very special lot that was first sent into outer space, left there 15 minutes and then brought back to be processed. The client will probably never notice any changes in the rings structure or looks, but this is the very essence that makes the rings very special.

The Space wedding rings are sold in pairs, for $17,000 each, both for men and women. Finished and polished with great care and by some of the best gold manufacturers in the world, they will surely fit on the hands of grooms and brides that can afford them. The rings have also been marked with serial numbers that can be chosen by the customers, than bought.

The simple Space rings have a wider purpose range, mainly meant for collectors of rare and fine jewelry. These come in a limited edition of 50 pieces, but for only $12,000 each. Furthermore, if you are among the lucky guys / ladies that get to put their hands on these rings, you will receive a USB flash drive that comprises detailing about the ring’s space flight, as well as a certificate that proves their authenticity.

If you want to take a profit of a special occasion and want to make a surprise, and if you got a pretty stuffed bank account, wait no more, limited editions are sold fast.


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