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Stunning home in the Mexican state of Jalisco

By Adrian Prisca


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Hernandez Silva Arquitectos from Guadalajara have recently finished the Godoy House, a combination of perfect layout, elegance and beautiful tones. It’s a two-story residence, in Jalisco, Mexico, built under innovative ideas. The materials it was built of combined with the white lights offer a beautiful orange glow during daytime, while keeping the tones and effects under artificial lighting during nighttime.

These facts easily draw anyone’s attention. Weirdness is the greatest characteristic of this residence, the odd shapes of the outside being reflected perfectly on the inside. Luxury wasn’t put aside, everything in the house looks like it was meant to be there in the beginning. It offers great privacy when needed, or conferences can be held within its huge space.

The inside is dominated by red tones, thanks to the lighting, windows, tones and shapes inside and outside the building. There’s a huge pond near the residence, and a same-sized green spot opposite to the pond. One can easily find silence, relaxation and of course great means of entertainment on the property.

Everything here is big, everything invites you to spend some delightful time inside or outside this estate.


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