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Stunning home in Santiago, Chile: the Fray Leon House

By Adrian Prisca


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Enhancing the idea of co-existing with nature, the H-Shaped Fray Leon House combines an extremely modern look with garden-like inclusions. Being surrounded by native species of trees, with huge old specimens, the residence is built around a native tree species, Cryptocaria alba, right next to the southern entrance.

Heading towards the north, through a hall, the eyes are quickly attracted by an immense avocado tree, whilst the eastern private wing is decked with a Macrocarpa cypress and crape myrtles. Above the central wing, a second level unfolds, at around the tree’s crowns, adding to the privacy of the estate.

The western wing contains the public spaces, opening towards the garden to the north. The wing of service areas extends towards south, directly overlooking an ashleaf maple, including an opening that surrounds a native plant, Crinodendron patagua. This plant separates the closed garage from the rest of the mansion.

The whole building consists of three levels, it’s built in the Chilean capital of Santiago, being pointed towards single-family clients.


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