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MB&F Legacy Machine No. 1 Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Based on the revolutionary designs that were considered modern by the turn of the 20th century, the new MB&F Legacy Machine No 1 Watch, revealed during this year, brings back to our current world a combination of Romanesque style and round shapes, in contrast with the traditional futuristic and techonlogically extreme Maximilian Bȕsser and Friends style.

The company has brought together 279 components, 23 jewels – sapphire crystals and, of course, gold -, a mechanically wound three-dimensional clock movement, 45 hour power reserve, century old style and latest technology. The “very weird” aspect of this timepiece is the location of the hour and minutes numbers. Minutes are displayed on the right side of the watch, while hours are on the left; right between these lies the power indicator, on a vertical axis.

Every watch produced by MB&F has a different theme to be based on. Be it 60 year-old planes, frogs or other shapes, they, this time, focused on bringing history back to life. “Steampunk” style at its best. And, not surprisingly, they did it extremely well.


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