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Aston Martin Voyage 55 yacht concept

Luiz de Basto Designs is nowadays co-working with a renowned old-time luxury cars builder, Aston Martin, to bring the same deluxe style to the yachting business. Thus, the Voyage 55 concept was born, inspired by Aston Martin’s most renowned models – Virage, Rapide, DBS and Vantage.

The main reason the upper-class will buy this incredible piece of design is the looks. It hasn’t yet been met at any naval contraption, plus, all other utilities that exist on regular boats are provided as well: 2 person seating arrangement, a little spot for small luggage and the must-have anchor. Admiring it from the front, the word that can describe it is “speed”.

Its head-lamps remind us of the cars Aston produces, while the paint, with a surprising green tinge, emphasizes the luxury that awaits travelers. Of course, they could not miss the Aston Martin logo on the engine front, also painted in a superb golden color.
A resemblance to modern-day yachts is the lack of wood.

The manufacturer uses carbon fiber, thus making it “greener”. The future owners will be able to modify its configuration by taste and may add or remove components. Being a concept, ordering has not yet been started, but Luiz de Basto is probably already awaiting its customers.



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