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Stunning CarSofa and CarTable for auto enthusiasts

The CARSOFA and the CARTABLE are two totally new, innovative ways to garnish your living room. They represent unique approaches to the term “interior”, being totally customizable and will definitely bring surplus heartbeats to car fans. All you need to do if you want one of these is to contact www.carsofa.cz and tell them of your ideas and choices.

The furniture they make is totally crafted from old or modern car parts and state of the art materials like essences of tropical trees, gold, gems, decorative stone, carbon and the finest leathers. The manufacturers actually admit that the customer is extremely important, and everything a manufacturer does should be in perfect conjunction with the will of the client.

Safe transportation is highly a priority for such pieces, so they will be transported in specially designed CTRS boxes (CARSOFA Transport-Ready-System) to virtually anywhere in the world. If the customer resides from the center of Europe, service vehicles are available for transport.



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