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Stellia are the New Top-Notch $3,999 Headphones from Focal

By Vlad Craciun


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Focal has recently revealed a new set of high end headphones named Stellia, offering near perfect soundproofing and the latest technology the company could come up with. The French brand made no compromises when it came to sound quality, which is exceptionally high, as you might expect from any Focal products. The style and design sophistication are also at super high levels.

But what makes these headphones very special is the integration of a new generation of speaker drivers that work at low sound levels while offering extensive frequency response (5 Hz – 40 Hz) at the sme time. Focal has also used their signature technologies for these headphones, including the frameless 100% cooper voice coil or the M shaped pure Beryllium dome, both ensuring extreme sound precision in both the bass and treble.


The speaker driver’s frequency response is extended through the use of vents, the EVA foam behind the speaker driver absorbs high frequencies and the acoustic diffusers ensure free of interference sound reproduction. Comfort is enhanced through the curve design between the yoke and headband and the high end memory foam used in the leather earpads.

The earpads manage to fully isolate external sounds. Cognac and mocha are the two finishes that the Focal Stellia headphones come in. There’s also a cool storage case with two high quality cables coming in the same finish as these headphones.


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