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Steampunk Coffee and Tea Brewer by Alpha Dominche

By Brian Pho


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Coffee making is a technique all by itself, if you want the outcome to be precious, tasty and exquisite. In other words, it is art, and whenever we mention the 3-letter word, something very cool is bound to happen. Same situation here, ’cause we’re now displaying the staggering Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk Coffee and Tea Brewer.

This feeder of nostalgia combines modern with retro styles and works as some combination between a high-tech, computerized coffee machine and an espresso contraption. And it even comes fitted with a package of rather cool features to make your coffee near-perfect, like adjustments for the water temperature, water pressure and agitation, through as series of metal filters.

In addition, this gadget is also able to brew some awesome cups of tea. It even comes with a few coffee recipes which can be created at the simple touch of the screen. It is able to prepare up to 80 cups of coffee per hour, which is quite fast if you compare it to the conventional French presses, which take as much as 5 minutes to brew just 1 cup. As the Steampunk 4.0 will reportedly be available for purchase later this year, the Steampunk MOD, a modular version of the previous, is able to reduce clutter by allowing baristas to configure the system themselves.

Set to be made available soon, the Steampunk MOD comes in two- and four-crucible versions, at a price that starts at $15,000.


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