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Stealth R11 is a Luxurious Pool Table That Costs $250,000!

By Victor Baker


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Combining exquisite craftsmanship with cutting edge design, 11 Ravens is a company from California that creates exceptional custom game tables, specializing in billiards, table tennis, air hockey, foosball, and more.

The premium goods manufacturer has just released an uber-luxurious pool table that costs a whopping $250,000, almost as much as a brand new Rolls Royce.

Stealth R11 is the name to remember and if you’re looking for the next cool thing for your game room, this pool table will surely grab everyone’s attention and make you smile. But not only the price of this uber-luxe billiards table is incredible. 

11 Ravens Rolls Royce pool table 2

We mentioned that it costs almost as much as a Rolls Royce for a good reason – because owning a Rolls Royce is a requirement before shooting some pool at this table. No Rolls, no table, no fun; I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules, I merely write them down for you guys.

The Stealth R11 was designed exclusively for Rolls-Royce owners and it is worth mentioning that only 5 pieces will be ever made. That seems like an arbitrary enough of a number to choose, doesn’t it?

11 Ravens Rolls Royce pool table 3

Apart from its futuristic design, the Stealth R11 pool table benefits from a premium-grade aluminum frame, with black-tinted lucite panels, and 14-carat gold sheets gracing its base.

Some of you might also appreciate the Swarovski crystals on the rails, or the LED lights on the sides, but the custom balls and cue sticks, and especially the ping pong and dining conversion top will surely make this the main attraction to any gaming room

11 Ravens Rolls Royce pool table 4

The luxurious Stealth R11 table is being offered in partnership with WHISPERS, a private social network and shopping experience designed exclusively for Rolls Royce owners – we made sure you know where to look. Do you want one?

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