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Spiral Groove’s SG1.2 Turntable Will Cost You $30,000

By Victor Baker


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SG1.2 turntable

Based in California, Spiral Groove is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing high-performance audio products, with an affinity for analog sound reproduction. Ever since it was founded, Spiral Groove has been building much appreciated turntables and tonearms, with the most popular being the SG1.1 model. And now the brand has just announced its new top of the line Spiral Groove SG1.2 turntable.

It incorporates various upgrades from the popular SG1.1, including a new platter, new isolation feet, damping material and an improved magnetic platter levitation system that aims at delivering improved sound quality and performance. SG1.2’s new turntable feet, together with 20 extra pounds in additional upgrades allow for a better isolation and reduced noise floor.

Engineered using Spiral Groove’s Balanced Force Design approach, the SG1.2 turntable is beautiful, functional as well as unique. The Spiral Groove SG1.2 is currently available at a suggested retail price of $30,000, while SG1.1 fans may have theirs upgraded to the SG1.2 for around $6,000. Party on!

SG1.2 turntable

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