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Sky Pools Are Dubai’s Latest Trend. Are you Interested?

By Victor Baker


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Sky Pools Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most incredible luxury homes and residential developments – no surprise there. However, property owners from this extraordinary place of the Earth seem to be no longer impressed by current trends when it comes to luxurious residences and the demand for outrageous features is constant over there.

As a result, developers and real estate firms from the Emirates are now offering mesmerizing Sky Pools as part of the effort to gain customer appreciation – and, possibly, a small part of their money. Initially part of luxury hotels and boutiques, Sky Pools are now set to be part of high-end residential projects in Dubai such as the Palm 360 (pictured above), one of the most anticipated real estate offerings in Dubai.

Sky Pools Dubai

Future customers should expect to get spacious suites and private beach access since they will be paying serious cash for nothing but the best and most exclusive, but to us the most striking feature is represented by these infinity pools suspended off the building structures – thus the name Sky Pools. The jaw dropping Palm 360 project is set to sell its 12,000-square-foot penthouses developed by the revered brand Nakheel in the near future, with similarly impressive projects awaiting to overwhelm future owners and guests alike.

I can’t help but remember that cool scene from the second iteration of the new Mechanic Hollywood production, where the main character drills through the pool to kill a mobster. Did that provide some very dark-minded people with ideas? Let’s just hope not.

Sky Pools Dubai


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