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Salvatore Ferragamo & Sara Battaglia Bring This Season to Life

By Victor Baker


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Salvatore Ferragamo & Sara Battaglia

One year after releasing an eye catching capsule collection, Salvatore Ferragamo and Italian designer Sara Battaglia have teamed up once again for the latest and probably the most interesting collection of handbags in the fashion world right now. Daring and filled with contemporary touches, this collection focuses on fine craftsmanship and innovation, with every handbag looking even more impressive than the last.

The new collection was obviously inspired by last year’s success, but according to James Ferragamo, the Italian brand’s Women’s Leather Product Director, it feels more vibrant and modern, and it’s just what any lady would dream about season.

Salvatore Ferragamo & Sara Battaglia

The fresh Salvatore Ferragamo & Sara Battaglia capsule collection comprises six new handbag models, showing off Ferragamo’s signature designs, as well as Battaglia’s unique approach to color and geometry, with a subtle sense of feminine aesthetic completing the classy vibe of these pieces.

As I type this, ladies from all over the world are probably already thinking about the ideal accessories, shoes, and wearables to match these bags, which is why it would be pointless to talk about them more. Enjoy and let us know what people around you have said – obviously nothing negative can be said about this collection.

Salvatore Ferragamo & Sara Battaglia

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