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The new Vanderhall Laguna – Twice The Fun On Three Wheels

By Victor Baker


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Vanderhall Laguna

Three wheelers seem to be extremely popular right now and if you’ve always wanted one, but you don’t really fancy the classic looks of Morgan’s 3-wheeled beauty, or the outrageous Polaris Slingshot, there’s something out there which combines both. That’s why we’re now introducing the 2017 Vanderhall Laguna, a wonderful vehicle that looks really aggressive, while boasting a classic vibe and all kinds of interesting surprises inside-out.

The new version of Vanderhall’s Laguna features a minimalist interior, with a powerful 600 Watt bluetooth sound system that will handle the soundtrack during your rides, although a quick glance throughout the cockpit won’t make that obvious. There are no old-school AM/FM receivers here, as this car is looking towards the future, not where it came from.

Vanderhall Laguna

In terms of power, an impressive 1.4-liter GM-sourced turbocharged engine develops as much as 200 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque, with a six-speed automatic gearbox handling everything. Since this car is ultralight and comes with only three wheels, you can imagine all that power translates into some serious thrills. But it costs a pretty penny.

The standard Laguna starts off at $49,950 and it comes with a hand-laid carbon fiber body, black grilles, fenders and calipers, 18″ alloys and many other goodies, but you could always go for something even more exquisite. Premium leather combinations, a custom black wool carpet, larger wheels and cruise control will cost you extra.

The top-of-the-line Vanderhall Laguna Bespoke Motoring Experience will set you back $77,000, but you’ll get 104 leather and 120 synthetic interior setups to choose from and everything Vanderhall has to offer.

Vanderhall Laguna

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