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Ross Limited Tests Our Love For Gold & Chocolate With A $14,000 Price-Tag

By Victor Baker


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Ross Limited

We’re not sure if this special package was meant to be eaten and savored, or worn around your neck or wrist, while making friends and foes jealous. Six pieces of uniquely designed chocolates, packaged in a stunning faceted sphere made from pure volcanic glass are hitting the scene, courtesy of Ross Limited.

Each of these chocolates represent a natural element geometrically, with a small cube for earth, a tetrahedron for fire, an octahedron for air, an icosahedron for water, a dodecahedron for ether and a scope for vacuum. Encrusted with gold of the 585th test, the market value of this exquisite chocolate set is US $14,000.

Ross Limited

Inspired by three Golden Age Hollywood beauties we all love and appreciate – Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn – the special Ross Limited chocolate collection was created with tasteful, absolute beauty in mind, perfect to every last detail.

We’re not sure about the chocolate idea, and how that fits in – although, ‘tasteful’ seems to say it all. I guess beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, who – in this case – probably wanted us to feel the absolute truth: nothing lasts forever, no matter who delicious or astonishing it may be. Would you pay $14,000 for six chocolates !? You decide…

Ross Limited

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