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Rent an entire village in Europe for $60,000 a night

By Adrian Prisca


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If you own a large brand or a movie-making company, then we have a cool surprise for you. There’s a real European village for rent, for just $60,000 per night. If you’re interested, tag along. There’s also the advantage of owning for a small time a country-side location, at the moment undergoing financial issues, with luxurious residences and excellent perspectives.

During past times, Liechtenstein used to be for hire for $70,000 per night but had been retired this option after an unfortunately bad review in UK, the custodian of this country. At the moment, this offer features villages from Austria (Alpbach, Mariazell, Brand, Mondsee, Peru, Goldegg), Germany (Deidesheim, Trittenheim, Braunlage) and Switzerland – Engelberg.

There’s a long list of possibilities to customize and set everything in the village at your tastes. Among the things you can do is to name street corners, to set the food outlets and social areas appellatives at your wish, with names from your family or even yours, or even hire artists as personal entertainers for some time. Every location in these villages can be reserved at your wish, for any purposes, like the convention center or the local restaurant.

This idea is being put forward and promoted by Rent-A-Village, with already received requests from magnates in the Gulf or from famous brands like Siemens, Wyeth, Pharma, Hyundai or AEG. Furthermore, Apbach was recently hired by AEG, hosting a company rebranding with custom-made dedicated ice sculptures. Call Rent-A-Village if in need of one.


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