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Porsche Design x BlackBerry P’9981 Smartphone

By Adrian Prisca


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The Blackberry enthusiasts will soon be flattered by a newly-designed version of the phone. Comprising a new beautifully-sculpted QWERTY keyboard, a diamond-clear touch screen, a stainless steel frame and hand-wrapped leather back-cover, the new Blackberry P’9981 Smartphone by Porsche Design really is the rock among pebbles.

This version may easily be considered a refreshed and upgraded Bold 9900, with a 5MP camera, 8 Gb internal memory, micro SD slot with max capacity of 40 Gb and a 1 Ghz microprocessor. This innovative smart-phone edition will surely have a huge list of fans. The 2.8-inch touch-screen and the QWERTY keyboard make out a really facile use.

The phone can also record HD-quality videos and is crafted for high-speed internet connections. If you want something that positions you out of the ordinary, this is the gadget you need. Considering its due to be launched soon, make sure you got the presumed $2,000 it costs.

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