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Ultra-Modern Palm-Tree Garden Shower by Dometti

By Adrian Prisca


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The Italian company Dometti designed an interesting gadget to go with outdoors swimming pools. An innovative amenity, a palm-tree shaped shower with a trunk and 6 foldable leaves, in case of bad weather. The Palm-Tree Garden Shower is an extraordinary device.

For an extremely relaxing shower, with both hot water and a nice, musical ambiance, this device comprises controls built in the trunk, a sound-system – MP3 player and radio tuner -, waterproof stereo amplifiers and speakers, LED chromo-therapy lighting and a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receiver.

The shower may be issued commands through the Bluetooth receiver, ordering it to close the leaves, or turn on the music, or switch on the hot-water. One can issue these orders using either iPod or an iPhone. It’ll come in a few colors, like white, sieved gold and metallic-grey.

This garden shower offers privacy and relaxation through a very luxurious look and practical design. Everyone would love something like this.


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