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Olsen twins and Damien Hirst present $55,000 Bags

By Adrian Prisca


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The Olsen twins have been designing luxury backpacks for quite a while now, for their now renowned luxury brand The Row. Priced at around $39,000 per piece, the uber gorgeous (and pricy) bags designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are crafted from crocodile leather.

But for some people, exclusive and pricy might not be enough, that’s why the Olsen twins teamed up with the renowned artist Damien Hirst to design a collection of nine luxury bags that are even more expensive. The exquisite bags feature spot paintings signed by Hirst alongside medicine cabinet themes.

Each of these 9 bags has been either garnished with multicolored spots or ornaments that resemble medication pills. They also feature roughly the same shape of the aforementioned ones, being reportedly available in black with sports ranging from gold, silver to multicolored, or with multifarious colored pills.

What’s even more surprising besides the designs that we’ve displayed here is the pricing – $55,000 a pop. Although too few people will ever be able to enjoy carrying along any of these, the one off collection of bags from The Row is truly staggering.


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