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The new MB&F HM5 “On the Road Again” Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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A brand new, elegant timepiece has recently been presented by MB&F, Europe’s “most imaginative watchmaker”. Bearing influences from the 70s and aiming towards futuristic designs, the MB&F HM5, as it has been named by the producer, is the fifth addition to the range of exquisite timepieces developed and manufactured by Maximilian Büsser and friends.

The HM5 clearly embodies characteristics which used to describe 1970s supercars, like the Lamborghini Miura. Closely following the designs of the instrument panels of 1970s sportscars, the MB&F HM5 boasts a stunning way of displaying the minutes and hours, as an mph or rev counter to be precise.

The markers are powered by a pair of jump hour systems where numerals effectively roll into a set marker and not the opposite way. Slatted louvers have been mounted on the rear side of the watch, allowing light to protrude within it.

The mechanics of the HM5 are complicated yet easy to comprehend. The timepiece comes with a clear case displaying the lively spins of the movement, which rotate, in turn, the numerals in the above display.

The expected year for such a timepiece to be brought to markets is supposedly 2013. Needless to say, such a wristwatch is better worn by those who stand clear from stereotypes and conventionalism. Sadly, there are no details about its price.


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