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Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is the Perfect Place to Relax

By Victor Baker


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Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

Originally a Caribbean sugarcane plantation, the charming Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is now ready to impress guests from all over the world with a rare blend of old-world elegance, modern amenities and excellent service. Found in the British West Indies, on the beautiful island of Nevis, this spectacular retreat is actually the island’s only deluxe beachside plantation inn.

The lemon-colored cottages contrast beautifully with the blue shades of the ocean, and the resort’s Premier Junior Suites are probably the definition of seaside paradise, nestled just a few steps away from the ocean, with hammocks stretched over the white sand and spacious living areas. I’m feeling pretty relaxed already, you?

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

The world class staff at the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club will do their best to make sure your stay here will be unforgettable. Excursions around Nevis are always on offer, although guests are also encouraged to enjoy a rainforest hike and snorkeling together with the retreat’s resident biologist.

Renting a car or a scooter is also an option if you plan to explore this gorgeous island – you should totally do that! Come dinner time, The Great House’s thick stonewalls and antiques will play a major role in a unique dining experience, complemented by an exquisite five-course treat and an overwhelming atmosphere. Who’s up for a trip?

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

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