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Diamonds Complement The Montblanc Marco Polo Limited Edition

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Montblanc Marco Polo Limited Edition

Marco Polo was born back in 1254 and spent 24 years away from his native Venice on an epic journey across Asia. The fearless adventurer trekked along the Silk Road and went all the way to the distant Mongol Empire, where he served in the court of the formidable Kublai Khan, the fifth ruler of the Mongol empire.

His detailed chronicle Il Milione (or the Book of the Marvels of the World) introduced many people to the unique culture and cartography of Central Asia and China. That’s why the brilliant guys from Montblanc have decided to create one of their most elaborate writing instruments to date as a tribute to the legendary explorer, in the form of the Marco Polo Limited Edition pens.

Montblanc Marco Polo Limited Edition

Showing off a bejeweled design, inspired by the years when the well known adventurer was trading precious stones while serving the great Khan, this pen will leave you speechless in just a matter of seconds.

Its cap is beautifully set with a full pavé of dark red rubies and cognac tone diamonds. mirroring the elegance and riches of the imperial Mongolian court, while the barrel features a diamond-set world map inspired by Marco Polo’s travels.

The pen’s clip is shaped like the golden pass given to him by Kublai Khan, while a compass rose is worked into the cap top, right under the Montblanc emblem. The skeletonized gold cone, set with a majestic 6.12-carat diamond, adds even more appeal to this pen, while the 24K solid champagne gold nib is actually a representation of Marco Polo crossing the desert. Stunning, right?

Montblanc Marco Polo Limited Edition

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