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New Eurostar e320 High-Speed Train to Start Crossing the Channel in 2015

By Brody Patterson


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Eurostar, the high-speed railway service which connects London to Paris and Brussels, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The inaugural trip started from Waterloo Station in November 14, 1994, and since then more than 150 million people have traveled across the Channel. To mark this significant milestone, the rail company has unveiled a new high-speed passenger train created by acclaimed design company Pininfarina, called the Eurostar e320.

The train features reclining seats and increased luggage storage, in addition to plug sockets and mirrors in seat backs; there are even touch sensitive light controls in Business Premier Class. The passenger can enjoy the additional leg room, while elegant design features, like the curved white bar with rounder corners in the buffet car and grey and blue-toned seats, make the journey even more pleasant. There is, of course, free WiFi on board, as well as a number of portals displaying useful information and entertainment programs. The fleet will be comprised of 17 Eurostar e320 trains, each with a capacity of 900 passengers (a 20% improvement from the current model).

As suggested by its name, the train can achieve a top speed of 320 km/h (about 200 mph) and is set to enter service by the end f 2015, in time to operate on extended routes to Belgium and the Netherlands.

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